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The Chic Spy

Mignon Gould founded in 2007. For more than a decade, the online publication was a leading style and entertainment magazine. The popular website featured interviews with fashion aficionados and film insiders, and engaging articles on the latest fashion trends and hottest movie reviews. The Chic Spy brand was cultivated through inspiration of the “Charade” film starring Audrey Hepburn and the famous on-screen spy, James Bond. The collection of characters The Chic Spy and her Chic Spy Agents: Crystal, Jade and Amber.


To further grow the brand, an observance day was launched dubbed “Chic Spy Day,” to celebrate the style of onscreen spies. The observance day was picked up by online calendars Days of the Year and Time and Date. The Chic Spy brand also released a line of phone cases in 2011. The website received myriad media mentions including, TeenVogue,com and


Online style and entertainment publication featuring celebrity interviews and movie reviews.


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